When creating a campaign’s look, feel and voice, all mediums are considered—including social media. In the early days of Pinterest, we created Pinterest graphics for Whole Foods Market to complement seasonal marketing efforts, using that season’s look and feel when creating them. However, since Pinterest graphics have such a long life span, I realized that a pin from the distant past could easily resurface alongside a newer one—the unfortunate result of which was a “garage sale” look. It became difficult to distinguish Whole Foods Market’s original content from third-party content.
To address this issue, I instituted a new perennial look and feel for all Pinterest graphics, no matter the season or content. This branding strategy allows original content to be quickly identified by the brand’s 250,000+ followers and contributed to Whole Foods Market receiving a Shorty Award for Best Brand on Pinterest in 2014.

Creative Director: Jill Visit
Designer: Rachel Landers