Neutral launched with a carton that was meant to disrupt the category and boldly proclaim its mission of fighting climate change, but the carton caused a lot of confusion to consumers and retailers. Was it orange juice? Was it oat milk? Also, the name of the product was often covered by store shelves.

We knew it needed an upgrade. By including many more category-norm cues (cows! grass! red for whole milk!), we were able to eliminate confusion. We also changed the messaging hierarchy to reflect what was most important to consumers when making a purchase decision – is it organic? What’s the fat content? Is it pasture raised? And then we included the mission as a much more secondary element.

The new package also reflects an intentional shift in brand tone toward a more optimistic, friendly, approachable voice. Climate change is a big problem, but we want consumers to know we can still make a big difference.

The result? Year-over-year unit sales comps of 50-100% per week for the first 2 months, and still going strong.

To learn more, check out this interview I did for Packaging Unboxd.

Creative Director: Jill Visit
Designer: Faven Agency