This is one of the longest-running programs at Whole Foods Market. Twice yearly, the purchasing team selects 10 wines (sometimes 12, but who’s counting?) to feature as the best reasonably-priced selections in the store that season. The program runs in the summer and at the holidays.

The direction I give the teams each time is unchanging and purposely uncomplicated: [season] + wine = Top 10 Wines. Additionally, we tie the graphic style to what is happening elsewhere in the store. Because these are low-priced wines, we purposely keep the graphics light and approachable to appeal to those shoppers who are less familiar with wine and more intimidated by it. The result is a series of lighthearted visual metaphors that convey the joys of the season and the year-round joy that is wine.

Creative Director: Jill Visit
Designers: Jill Visit, Jeremy Joyner
Illustrators: Jill Visit, Jeremy Joyner, Robert Lin