For this campaign, we really wanted to have a little fun and grab parents’ attention by creating visuals that were unmistakably talking about kids and nutrition. The brief was basically this: convey to parents that even small changes can make a vast improvement in the quality of food you give your kids. That you don’t have to change your whole approach, just make incremental change in easy ways. We called these incremental changes Tiny Victories.

I absolutely freaked out when I saw the first drafts of this work—it was such a simple, fun solution to a challenging brief. The work was risky for Whole Foods, as it was a lot more playful than they tended to be. However, the stores and customers loved it. Along with a suite of in-store materials, we sent custom-made giant googly eyes to stores to use as they saw fit. The stores took our idea and ran with it, creating a fun, lighthearted environment for stressed-out parents heading back into the school routine. In addition, the bold, simple graphics were arresting in stores and helped to position Whole Foods as a solutions-provider to customers. People still talk about how much they loved it.

Creative Director: Jill Visit
Designer: Rachel Landers
Copywriters: Jill Visit, Rachel Landers, Jennifer Cheng, Susannah Frishman-Phillips