Salad Sling Logo

I had the opportunity to be my own client in 2018 when I created branding for my invention, the Salad Sling. The Salad Sling is a 3-layer towel used to dry salad greens. You place wet greens in the center of the towel, gather the handles, and swing the greens dry. A waterproof liner prevents water from spraying all over the kitchen.

Since this was a totally new product, I wanted to be sure the name was as explanatory and obvious as possible. In the logo design, I went further by creating a “mascot” to show how the product works. Instead of trying to show spinning and somehow that lettuce is in the pouch, I created Lettuce Dude to do the spinning, which showcased both concepts at once.

For package design, I decided to roll the product up like a burrito and leave part of it exposed so that you could see and feel the fabric. A simple belly band was inexpensive and easy to apply. The packaging features illustrated instructions and a detailed description to further explain this novel idea to new customers on shelf or online.

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